art in the home

by Therese Ritchie 2010


Art in the home  was an installation of works from the series In the wake’ The residents of 1/322 Casuarina Drive Rapid Creek hung the work in their living room and opened their home to the public as part of the Darwin Festival 2010.

Art in the home

Elements within the images that comprise this series titled, In the wake, originate from one digitally collaged room—the room, with its rigid structures being a metaphor for the mind and the haven for our systems of belief.

This original collaged room with its staircase, windows, obscure sources of light and dark, and references to inner and outer pathways, or extensions was rotated, magnified and fragmented into multiple vignettes becoming the canvasses for thoughts about and projections onto the social and political climate in Darwin throughout 2009 and in particular, the issues of clash and variance arising when indigenous and non-indigenous cultures live alongside each other.

Through its venue and process, Art in the home plays with the themes of thought and cultural projection. The art, framed and separated into fleeting thoughts reside within the sanctuary of our most cherished construct—the home—its manifestation having evolved through intimate processes designed to produce an internal space that satisfies projected desires, needs and cultural goals.