LittlePrick Editions 2012

The LittlePrick Another Territory lifestyle magazine came into being in 2012, after Therese Ritchie heard Rob Knight, the then Northern Territory Minister for Young Territorians, call Indigenous children “little pricks” for burning the Australian flag during the Australia Day demonstrations in Canberra that same year. Enlisting a team of local Territory artists, Ritchie orchestrated and curated two exhibitions, The LittlePrick Editions (5July 2012) and From LittlePricks BigPricks grow (5 April 2013), hosted by Darwin photographer David Hancock of Gallery Two Six, Darwin. The BIG book of LittlePricks An artist’s safe guide to the Northern Territory (2014) is a limited edition book and the third instalment in the LittlePrick series. In early 2017, LittlePrick held it’s fourth exhibition Lies Damned Lies and Fracking in response to the NT Labor Government’s Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the Northern Territory. Watch this space for the next LittlePrick show!

LittlePrick artists contributing to exhibitions (in alphabetical order):

Bland, Nicholas

Brown, Rob

Gohier, Franck

Green, Jack

Hancock, David

Henry, Chayni

Holt, Colin

Mackinolty, Chips

Mombassa, Reg

Porrovecchio, Simone

Reynolds, Anna

Ritchie, Therese

Saunders, Katie

Sierakowski, Merran

Stonkers, Barry

Waud, Leon

Whyte, Don

Williams, T.S.

Wong, Min